I guess I remembered why I never kept one of these blog-things in the first place.

There’s too much of everything, and all of us have grown.┬áSo, it’s goodbye! That’s it. I have no excuse to give, no pretty words to say – and even if I did, I’m actually kinda sure I have no good reason for disclosing it anyway.

& Tbh, I really hate people who mysteriously delete their blogs and leave absolutely nothing behind; so we click on their link and this blog has been deleted or doesn’t exist or whatever, really. It irritates me to no end. But hey! I’m not pulling that fast one on any of you.

I won’t be arsed w the dramatic one-liners, they mean nothing.

Thank you so very much. I’m sorry to see people that used to be my entire world go, but these things happen. You know, liking who they were more than who they are now.

But it was great while it lasted.